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Emergency Management Staff —

Doug Logan, Robin Edwards, Donnie Boyd

Douglas P. Logan —

Emergency Management Coordinator/
Fire Marshal, Granville County

Doug’s dedication to emergency service began as a volunteer firefighter in 1986. He advanced his love of the service when he became employed by Granville County in the Emergency Medical Services department as an EMT and Lieutenant in charge of the infection control program. In August, 1994 he took his present position with the county as the Emergency Management Coordinator/Fire Marshal. In this position he is responsible for the overall planning, preparedness and response coordination for disasters within the county.

Doug has also been active on a state level throughout his career in Emergency Management. He is a member of the State Emergency Response Team to respond as needed to other areas within the state or nation when Granville County is not affected. Most recently he deployed to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina as part of a 6-member team from North Carolina to assist the storm-struck area with overhead coordination and establishment of the Emergency Operations Center. He also remains active in the North Carolina Emergency Management Association, of which he was president from 2002 until 2004.

Donnie L. Boyd —

Assistant Emergency Management Coordinator/Fire Marshal

Donnie began his career in Emergency Services as a volunteer firefighter in 1984 and furthered his service as an EMT and later as a paramedic for Granville County Emergency Medical Services. From 1992 until 1995 Donnie served the county as director of the Emergency Medical Services Department and joined the Emergency Management Department in 1997. Donnie’s primary duties include enforcement of the International Fire Codes as a Level III Fire Inspector.

He is responsible for inspecting all commercial facilities and buildings that are open to the general public to ensure compliance with fire safety and prevention codes and practices. When not inspecting these facilities, he spends his workday reviewing blueprints for new construction and assists with emergency and disaster planning and response.

In 2005, Donnie made a successful run for election to the Granville County Board of Education and continues to serve the citizens of the county in this capacity in addition to his duties in the Emergency Management Office.

Robin H. Edwards —

Administrative Support Assistant

As the most recent addition, Robin joined the Emergency Management Department in November, 2005 as the Administrative Support Assistant and Receptionist for the Granville County Multi-Specialty Complex. Prior to that, she worked as a Tax Collections Clerk for the county. In this short time, Robin has become a vital member of the Emergency Management team for Granville County and is quickly becoming an essential resource for emergency and disaster planning, response and recovery.

Robin works closely with each of the 14 fire departments within the county to assist them as needed with reporting requirements and other clerical items in addition to her normal daily duties in the office.