Granville Alert is a service of the Granville County Department of Emergency Management. This website links to information about preparing for and responding to all kinds of emergency and crisis situations. emergency, crisis, fire, weather, storm, delay, closing, family preparedness, children, safety, pets, environment, disaster, volunteer opportunities, volunteer, Granville County, Oxford, Creedmoor, Stovall, Butner, Stem, North Carolina, emergency management

What to do in a crisis… Dial 911 for an emergency that is occurring right now!

Phone numbers
Report a problem or concern
Where to go in an emergency

Local and community resources…

Your government –
working for your safety…

Addressing —

Make yourself easy to find.

Follow our suggestions for marking your house so we can find you if you need help.

Family Preparedness websites —

Progress Energy —

Storm Central provides information on preparing your home and family for severe weather emergencies

Put your cell phone to work —

Program your cell phone with emergency identification and contact information.