Granville Alert is a service of the Granville County Department of Emergency Management. This website links to information about preparing for and responding to all kinds of emergency and crisis situations. emergency, crisis, fire, weather, storm, delay, closing, family preparedness, children, safety, pets, environment, disaster, volunteer opportunities, volunteer, Granville County, Oxford, Creedmoor, Stovall, Butner, Stem, North Carolina, emergency management

What to do in a crisis… Dial 911 for an emergency that is occurring right now!

Phone numbers
Report a problem or concern
Where to go in an emergency

Local and community resources…

Your government –
working for your safety…

Dept. of Emergency Management —
  • Our Mission: Protect life, property, and the environment through a partnership effort between local, state, and federal agencies and to cooperate and communicate through effective leadership in emergency response, planning, recovery, training and mitigation.
  • Our Vision: The vision for the Granville County Office of Emergency Management is for legitimate partnerships (local, state, federal and private sectors) to provide effective leadership and professionalism to our citizens.
  • Our Purpose: Coordinate and assist in the efforts of all emergency response partners in a common front to protect the lives and property of all persons within its territorial limits.

Emergency Management Staff —

Doug Logan, Robin Edwards, Donnie Boyd.
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Contact info —
  • Email Doug Logan
  • Granville County Department
    of Emergency Management

    143 Williamsboro Street
    Oxford, NC 27565
    (919) 603-1310